National Character Leader Testimonials

Beyond The Scoreboard reflects what is right and wholesome in sport. The emphasis on character development, as it relates to athletic participation, cannot be overemphasized. Personally, I applaud the efforts to encourage student athletes, coaches and parents to be persons of character during athletic participation. In the culture of athletics, Beyond The Scoreboard is making a difference.
Sam Riggleman, Head Baseball Coach & Director of Athletics, Spring Arbor University

Beyond The Scoreboard, as an organization, has looked deeply at the lasting benefit sport provides ~ the strength of character in a person ~ and they have made it a mission to build and honor this part of a young athlete. I can think of no greater mission an organization can provide to the participants in the sporting community.
Sheila Taormina, Four-time Olympian in Three Sports

I have had the opportunity to work with Beyond the Scoreboard for a number of years and they are truly an organization that believes in what is best for the athletes. Their passion and their recognition of the needs of youth, coaches and community has impacted Northern Michigan in such a positive way. Every region needs a Beyond the Scoreboard to help support sports in their community.
Rob Miller, ProActive Coaching

Beyond The Scoreboard has put into action what the majority of coaches only give lip service. I have so much respect for the work that “Beyond The Scoreboard” does. If we could ever take this nationally it could have the most positive impact of anything we could do in athletics. I would love to see this become more than a regional program. I know of no group in the nation doing more to instill what it is we all say we want in athletics.
Dennis Parker, Career Coach, Author, National Spokesman on Character

Beyond the Scoreboard provides a solid foundation and proper perspective that have the potential to change the attitudes and actions of participants, parents, coaches and all others associated with youth and school sports in this generation and the next. I can’t think of a community that would not be made better by similar efforts. Your vision, passion and principles will improve local sports programs and the people they touch.
Jack Roberts, Executive Director of the Michigan High School Athletic Association

At a time when real leadership, honor, integrity, character, and personal accountability appear absent from so much of our daily lives and leading institutions, I can think of no better place to start than with programs like Beyond the Scoreboard. It should be a national imperative.
General Peter J. Schoomaker, U.S. Army Chief of Staff (retired)

Beyond the Scoreboard has hit the nail on the head! Dr. Naismith was a theologian as well as a physical education instructor and, while he might have been a bit disapointed at many of the developments in and surrounding the great game he is credited with inventing, I have no doubt that he would be most proud of everything Beyond the Scoreboard represents. From its small, grass roots beginning, BTS has worked to promote and uphold the value of teaching character and sportsmanship through youth and interscholastic athletic programs. Appropriately named, BTS encourages “walking the talk” in a world so easily given to rhetoric in place of substance. By understanding the purpose and respecting the integrity of the game, BTS consistently challenges coaches and athletes to “see the bigger picture”. There is value in athletic competition and Beyond the Scoreboard not only recognizes that value, it also exposes the superficiality and ultimate destructive nature of the “win at all costs” temptation. Pursuing Victory with Honor – a simple but much-needed emphasis for sport competion today!
Dick Shilts, Retired Coach of 46 Years.