Renee Wyatt, Executive Director

Renee Wyatt became the part-time Executive Director of Beyond the Scoreboard, Inc. in June of 2015. Renee recently relocated to northern Michigan.  She has an extensive background working with local and national nonprofits and community organizations.  She worked with the American Red Cross from 2006 through 2014.  Her positions with Red Cross included Executive Director of the Superior Upper Peninsula Chapter and the Livingston County Chapter.  From 1992 to 2006 Renee worked for Easter Seals Michigan as Manager of Annual Funds.  Renee has been a participant in and supporter of youth sports programs most of her life.  She was drawn to participation in Beyond the Scoreboard because of the role coaches and athletics played in her personal development as an athlete and student.  It was through community involvement in youth sports during high school that Renee developed her love of nonprofit work.

Although Renee’s full-time career has been in the non-profit field, she came to northern Michigan to run a small seasonal family business. She is passionate about supporting local nonprofits and can’t imagine life without that them.  Beyond the Scoreboard gives her a home to fulfill that passion here in northern Michigan.