Integrity. Honesty. Victory with Honor. Whether it is youth sports collegiate or professional sports, education, the work place, politics or our family and everyday lives, shouldn’t these always be our goals and a description of how we achieve them? Beyond the Scoreboard has an action plan that teaches and promotes these values for coaches, referees, parents, volunteers and our young athletes and in today’s world that often seems to be trying to pull us in other directions, shouldn’t we all get behind and support an organization that is making such a positive influence on our youth (future leaders) right here in our own backyard!
Dr Dennis McGeath MD, 2005 Youth Sport Leader Award Winner

Beyond the Scoreboard encourages and promotes the best things in sports and in life itself. Winning is important, but winning in an honest and upright way is more important. Following the ethics promoted by Beyond the Scoreboard will make us better people and let us sleep better at night.
Dr Tom Turcott OD, 2005 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

I love my job and have been blessed to have been able to work with so many fine young men and ladies in my tenure at Boyne City High School. One of my proudest moments as a father and coach was to watch my daughter, Carrie, coach volleyball at Boyne City High School and to see her show genuine caring for her young athletes. I tell my athletes every season that school programs have sports in order to teach you how to win and how to lose with character. In the big picture, I see that “Northern Michigan has many great coaches, referees, and athletic directors working for the right reasons.” Beyond the Scoreboard is a great platform to showcase many great leaders both young and old.
Dave Bricker, 2011 High School Coach Award Winner

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